23andMe Discounts and Coupon Codes

23andMe is a famous company providing service for individuals to understand their own genetic information using recent advances in DNA analysis technologies and web-based interactive tools. After you order the service on the online shop, you will receive a kit. Register your kit information online and you just need to split a little in the kit. Then you have to send the kit to the lab and your information will be analysed as soon as possible, you can get the result within 6-8 weeks. The expert result will involve ancestry information and health information and you can explore yourself in the most advanced way.

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23andMe Review:

Curiosity is the nature of human being. Do you want to know yourself better? I think most people can’t resist the temptation. Now 23andMe can help you realize the dream. 23andMe provides genetic testing rapidly. The more you know about your DNA, the more you know about yourself. 23andMe will give you a comprehensive result after the DNA test. You will get reports on more than 240 health conditions and traits. 23andMe also provides tests for inherited conditions, and discover your ancestry composition. All in all, 23andMe will use the latest technology to help get all information for you.

How it works:

First of all, you should order the service from the online store. There are different services, you can decide after you’ve seen all the introductions. For Ancestry Service, you can discover your ancestry composition and find your genetic relatives. For Health service, the DNA test will give you much information about your health. The report will show your body conditions right now, and it will also tell you the disease risk and drug response. If you have all this information, you can be more active. You can make a more effective health plan and discuss with your doctor. After you order the service, 23andMe will send you a kit. Every kit is unique with a specific serial number. You should register your kit information online. There is a detailed instruction in every kit. Then you spit in the kit and send it back to 23andMe. The lab will give you the result within 4-6 weeks.

Pros and Cons:


Overall snapshot

You can get both the ancestry and health information for only one test. After you do the test, you can get comprehensive reports.


23andMe use the latest technology to do the test, so the results are relatively reliable compared with other companies.

Relatively cheap

Compared with other products, 23andMe is much cheaper. You can know yourself better in such a low price and the result is really reliable.


Not full mapping of your genome

Everybody has 3 million pairs of genome, however, 23andMe will only test 1 million of those pairs. It means that the reports may be not that correct. If you need more comprehensive service, you may need to find somewhere else.