www.Rapidfs.com - Manage Your Rapid PayCard Online

The rapid! PayCard is a powerful financial service for employers to provide wage delivery electronically to employees who do not have traditional banking relationships. It saves both employee and employer time and money associated with cashing checks, and it’s safer than cash because funds are protected by Visa and MasterCard Zero Liability programs.

How To Access Rapid PayCard Account Online:

First of all, open the website link www.rapidfs.com in your web browser.

Once you are on the website, there is a login form that needs to be filled:

  • Type in the User ID or the Card Account Number mentioned on the card in the first field on the form on this page now.
  • Type in the password now in the field next to it.
  • Then Click "Login" button to access your account

If an account has not yet been created, click “First time login” and enter the 16-digit number of the card issued by an employer. You may need to provide identifying information such as name, age, and date of birth, in addition to an email address for authorization.

After receiving an authorization e-mail, please enter the code to access your account.

With Rapidfs.com, you can:

  • Check remaining balance
  • See transaction history
  • Pay bills online or send a check
  • Sign up for text or email alerts
  • Make airline or hotel reservations
  • Enroll in a savings plan
  • Access direct deposit information for use with a different employee