www.Activatemycards.com - Activate Your New Card Online

If you have received a new Visa Debit, ATM, or credit card, you must activate it before you start using it. There is a safely and securely way to do it. Just go to the website www.activatemycards.com, then you can activate your card easily anywhere and anytime.

How to activate your card:

To start, you should have your card handy. Then open the website www.Activatemycards.com in your web browser and select your preferred language (English or Spanish), and click the "Let's Activate My Card" button to continue.

On the next page, enter your Card Number correctly (without any spaces or dashes) and click the "Submit" button. Then you provide your detailed information and answer several questions to activate your card. Personal information is collected for card activation and card security only.  This information is not stored, used for marketing purposes, sold, or shared with any other business or organization.

Click here to activate your card now!

Please note: You can also call the number on the back of your card to activate it.