www.BMO.com/Activate - Activate Your BMO MasterCard Card Online

Did you receive your new BMO MasterCard Card recently? If yes, you should go to www.BMO.com/Activate to activate your card first before you start using it.

How to activate your card:

When check out the website link www.bmo.com/activate, enter your card number and click on the "Submit" button to start the activation process. On the next page, you can register your BMO online banking account by providing the required information and answer some questions.

When activate your BMO MasterCard card, you will need to enter your account number and create a SecureCode (8-15 characters). You may use the same SecureCode for all your BMO MasterCard cards.

After the activation, you can login your account and view your account details and make payments online easily.

Click here to activate your card now!

Have any questions, please call: 1- 800- 263-2263 (TTY 1- 866- 859 -2089) for more help.

If you don't have a BMO MasterCard, just check out http://www.bmo.com/mastercard to apply one today! You can choose from: BMO AIR MILES World MasterCard, BMO AIR MILES MasterCard, BMO Rewards World Elite MasterCard, BMO CashBack Mastercard, BMO Preferred Rate MasterCard and more.

About BMO:

BMO (Bank of Montreal) is the oldest bank in Canada, which has been 177 years of history until now. It provides Canada and U.S. residents with all kinds of financial services, including credit cards, personal & business banking, life insurance, wealth management, advisory services, self-service investing, and more.