www.Globalcashcard.com/activate - Activate Your Global Cash Card Online

If you've received a new Global Cash Card from your employer, it means all your payroll will be deposited directly into your account through the card. To start using the card correctly, you need to visit the website www.Globalcashcard.com/activate and follow the instructions to activate it. 

What you need to complete the activation process:

Your Global Cash Card

Your unique identifier used by your company

Your employer name

Your most recent check amount

Last four digits of your SSN 

How to activate your card online:

Once you get the card, open the above website link www.Globalcashcard.com/activate and enter your card number to continue.

Then you need to enter the required information to verify your identity and setup your account. Create an exclusive username and password for your online account.

Finally, you'll receive a conformation email after you successfully activate it.

Click here to activate now!

Need help for the card , call the customer service phone number at 866-395-9200!

Benefits of Global Cash Card:

You can check your payroll quickly and manage it online anytime you want.

You can join the Global Cash Card's Rewards programs automatically to enjoy generous discounts for health insurance, travel, entertainment, restaurants, and much more.

You can use the card anywhere VISA or MasterCard are accepted and get cash at millions of ATMs worldwide.

You can use the card to receive your tax refund directly.

Learn more from www.Globalcashcard.com.