www.iBenefitcenter.com - Manage Your Mercer Retirement Account Online

www.iBenefitcenter.com is the secure website to manage your Mercer retirement benefits account anytime & anywhere. Here you can review and change your benefits, use investment tools and calculators, access plan information, and more.

How to use the website:

In order to access your retirement benefits account, you need have a valid username and password. For first time user, enter the initial login information from your enrollment materials. The initial username is often your Social Security Number or Employee ID. Once you login, you will be prompted to change your initial username and password. Just follow the instructions to set up your new username and password.

Once you log into the system, you can see your account summary in the main page. And if you want to make a change or access the detailed information, just click on the corresponding links to go on.

Proceed to the website now!

The system is available for employees of these companies such as AIG, KP, Toys R Us, Colgate, Arby's, Toyota, AAA, Alstom, ADM, omnicom, and more.

If you need more help, please your plan's toll-free number to speak with a Service Representative or contact Mercer Retirement Services at 1-866-454-6477.

Learn more from http://www.ibenefitcenter.com/!