www.Mybalancenow.com - Check Your Target Gift Card Balance Online

Don’t have too much time to check your Target Gift Card Balance in the store, now you can just visit www.mybalancenow.com to check it on your computer from your home or office. The website is small and very easy to be used targeting Visa Gift Card, Target MasterCard Gift Card or Target Visa Prepaid Card.

How to login & check your card balance:

To start, you need to prepare these information: card number, access, expiration date (MM/YY) of the card and CVV. First three can be found on the front of the card, CVV is a small series of numbers on the back of the card near to your signature.

If you already have these information, visit mybalancenow.com in your web browser. Then on the index page, enter your card number, expiration date and CVV shown in your card. Click the "Go" button then you can the card balance immediately.

Here is a video shows the guidance of how to log in& check step by step:

More about Target Gift Card:

How to use the card?

By using this card, your purchase will get easier than before.You can just present your gift card to the cashier and sign the receipt. You may need to push credit on the keypad. You may select one PIN for making transactions. The card can be used to pay for your full amount of bill includes taxes and charges.More About Target Gift Card

Where the card can be used?

The target gift card and other visa gift cards can be used all around U.S. Cards may not be used at every merchant including Internet and mail or phone or outside of USA or the district of Columbia.

How to activate the card?

Before making any purchases, you can not see any value in this card until it is activated by the cashier when you are doing the first payment and signed by you on the back of the card.

How to select a PIN?

Selecting a PIN is not a must-do for every user but for your convenience, you may choose a PIN for your card by simply selecting a 4-digit PIN. The PIN that you enter at the register at the first time will be your future PIN for every transaction.

How to check Balance by Phone?

If you prefer the way of checking by phone, then this number will be very useful for you. When you want to make sure how much money remains in your account or report a lost or stolen, please call 1-800-698-4952.