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The BP Visa Card, issued by Chase bank, is like the most generous card around. It is a great bonus for people who pays a lot for their BP or Amoco gasoline purchases and people who wants to get some rewards on their spending. By applying for a card, you can join the Pump Rewards automatically which can let you earn cents per gallon rebates on purchases made with the card.

The pros of the BP Visa Card are listed in the following:

During the first 60 days, you'll get rebates, also called double cash back, which are 10% of your every purchase on the BP or Amoco gasoline. After the lucky 60 days, rebates will be halved but still generous as 5%, along with 2% back on travel or dining purchases and 1% on most other purchases still. In addition to the fat back above, you can redeem the cash for a BP gift card, a check or a more generous way as a donation to help cleaning up the BP oil spill after you earn at least $25 in rebates. No limitation will be set to the amount of rebates. Low interest rates will be charged if only you qualify. And no annual fee is needed.

Also cons:

You'll get no rewards when you use the card in competing gas stations, fast food restaurants, supermarkets, discount stores and their affiliates.

How to apply for a BP Visa Card:

Step 1: Open the application website: www.Choosebp.com!
Step 2: Click "Apply Now" in picture one and input the required personal information.
Step 3: Click on the button marked "Next" and follow the instructions to finish the application process.

If you're already a card holder of BP Visa Credit Card, you can also go to this website to manage your card account online anytime & anywhere. Here you can check your rewards balance, view your transactions & statements, pay your bills and update your personal information.